[LODSIG] Introducing myself

van Leusen, P.M. p.m.van.leusen at rug.nl
Fri Nov 10 14:30:47 CET 2017

Hi there,

as a new list member I'd like to introduce myself briefly: I'm a landscape
archaeologist with a focus on noninvasive prospection, have done
large-scale field walking survey projects in south- and central Italy, and
am currently building (with a colleague and with the help of the CRM SIG) a
CIDOC CRM for field walking data. The obvious next step will be to map and
convert survey databases to LOD so they become available and reusable to
other researchers, so I hope to learn from you guys exactly what's involved
and where to get money for it ;-).


Dr. Martijn van Leusen
Chair, Examination Board for Arts, Culture and Archaeology
Chair, Faculty of Arts Advisory Board for Data Management policies
Associate professor, Landscape Archaeology
Groningen Institute of Archaeology / Poststraat 6, 9712ER Groningen
phone +31 50 3636717
Academia page <https://rug.academia.edu/MartijnvanLeusen>
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