[Lod] ADHO LOD SIG - future plans

Leif Isaksen leifuss at googlemail.com
Tue May 19 00:40:54 CEST 2015

Hi all

There will be a meeting to discuss the role of ADHO SIGs in Sydney,
which in turn raises the question of whether the Linked Open Data SIG
is currently serving a useful purpose. I think there is certainly
potential for it to be but it will depend on whether we can establish
some concrete common goals and a community manager. Thoughts on the
following would be very welcome:

- The role of ADHO SIGs is still under some debate. The current
conference arrangements don't really support independently organised
satellite workshops (the GeoSIG fell foul of this last year, despite
arranging a great line up). Personally, I would like to see SIGs act
as sources of submissions, reviewers and chairs for the main track of
the conference (and relevant sessions to be named correspondingly).

Jodi has also proposed that the LOD SIG can take an umbrella role,
helping connect together other activities. To achieve this we may wish
to brainstorm about humanities-related linked data organizations and
create a living document (wiki/Google Doc/etc) listing relevant
mailing lists/groups, etc.

If anyone else has additional ideas about this then please do speak up.

- All online communities need a small group of moderators to help
stimulate interaction. We haven't quite managed to get that off the
ground and so the mailserv is fairly dormant. We'd be very happy to
hear from anyone who would be interested in doing this (ECRs tend to
be especially good at it in my experience) but please step forward
before the end of the month.

- Dormant SIGs probably cause more trouble than they are worth because
they can inhibit others from actively occupying he space. If there are
no volunteers to moderate the SIG, and some other concrete raison
d'etre doesn't arise at the meeting we may propose to suspend/dissolve
it according to the preference of the ADHO.

All the best


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