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Il 17/03/14 20:46, Leif Isaksen ha scritto:
> As there are now quite a lot of people involved and at least one LOD 
> action taking place (the COST network application), it seemed like a 
> good idea to ask the community what they would like to see from the 
> group. I'm aware that it is currently a little separated between 
> technical platforms - the mailing list, twitter and blog - and that 
> they aren't heavily joined up. For instance, there is a 'members' page 
> on the blog, but that doesn't reflect who has signed up to the 
> listserv, or follows or posts on Twitter. Do people have opinions 
> about whether this is an appropriate state of affairs? Suggestions for 
> improvement? or should we simply aim to offer a variety of channels 
> through which people can communicate and allow people to take their pick?
good move leif, thanks for thinking of it
> I'll post this message on the blog site, and point to it from twitter.
> Opinions welcome through whatever medium you prefer!
> All the best
> Leif
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