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Kai Eckert kai at informatik.uni-mannheim.de
Fri Mar 7 13:58:53 CET 2014

You are right ;-)

Am 07.03.2014 11:03, schrieb Kai-Christian Bruhn:
> hi,
> let's be sure, that the abstract is representing something, that we
> really want to do in the next 4 years. From my point of view, it does.
> I added two small comments. nothing serious.
> Best
> Kai
> PS: @Sebastian, in your email yesterday you wrote, that Kai is uploading
> the proposal. Am I right, that you didn't mean me but Kai Eckert?
> Am 07.03.2014 10:33, schrieb Sebastian Rahtz:
>> the state of the art for this initial registration (end of today in Europe)
>> is as follows. comments? do remember that this isn't being evaluated - its
>> purpose is simply to let the organisers assign appropriate evaluators.
>> TITLE: Linked Open Data across the Humanities
>> The mission of LODAH is to build a network of projects and researchers
>> working with Linked Open Data (LOD) from across the whole field of the
>> humanities who can engage with LOD-oriented research from a computer
>> science perspective. The specific objectives will be encouraging and
>> facilitating the interconnection and interoperability of open online
>> Humanities resources, both existing and forthcoming, through LOD; raising
>> awareness of new developments (both content and technology); and
>> discussing, developing, and  publishing best practices. The main activities
>> of LODAH will be to survey the use of ontologies adopted across humanities;
>> to consider how they relate to each other; to identify gaps where
>> disciplines are lacking clear exemplars and guidance; to build guidelines
>> designed not only to reduce the fragmentation of approaches and ontologies
>> but also to foster integration of methods and resources; and to find and
>> possibly link other research initiatives in similar fields. This will
>> happen by both testing ontologies and techniques developed for humanities
>> data against the concerns of contemporary information engineering, and by
>> testing the assumptions of modern data networks against the complexity of
>> the humanities. This will make it easier for everyone  -  from citizens to
>> SMEs - to reach and use complex historical, literary or philosophical data
>> sets, and provide a marketplace for European SMEs to develop new tools and
>> services. The initial LODAH membership includes a wide range of
>> disciplinary perspectives, but  is also open to unforeseen domains and will
>> be an environment in which young researchers can develop portable skills.
>> KEYWORDS: Digital Humanities; Linked Open Data; Semantic Web; Cultural
>> Heritage
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