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Dear all,

Coming a bit late in (if this comes through to the list, my previous mails did not), but considering the COST guidelines, I would that it would be good if the aims (or at least one aim) of the proposal would be more concrete. The idea of the COST-instrument is to bring together researchers with existing funding from a particular area to _do_ something together and I would say that it would be excellent if there would be a specific concept or a thing this network would examine e.g. to produce a requirements specifikation/framework for LOD in historical, literary and philosophical research and a reference model with a small series of case studies and reference implementations. Ok, this might be a bit too specific, but a clear(er) focus and outcome would definitely make  the proposal more competitive.

And yes, I would be interested in joining in, either from Finland, or perhaps from Sweden where I have at the moment a project ARKDIS that could/should/would be highly relevant for the network. More about that at arkdis-project.blogspot.se or at the university website http://www.abm.uu.se/research/Ongoing+Research+Projects/ARKDIS/


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On 7 mar 2014, at 12:12, Ant Beck <ant.beck at gmail.com> wrote:

> The only thing I think is missing is a sentence describing the impact.
> How about something like:
> "This will have impact across society and will improve community engagement, curatorial and professional management and policy formation in the digital humanities whilst encouraging innovative re-use by researchers, communities and SMEs alike. "
> This obviously takes things well over the 250 words and would need editing down accordingly. 
> Best
> Ant
> On 07/03/14 10:50, Richard Light wrote:
>> Looks just the ticket to me.  Good work, Sebastian.
>> (Oh, and by the way, I'm interested in helping too.  It's been a busy week. :-) )
>> Richard
>> On 07/03/2014 10:47, Kai Eckert wrote:
>>> I like the text very much. I will submit it later, I would propose to do
>>> it earlier than 17:00 in order to leave some time to deal with potential
>>> submission problems.
>>> So @all: Give feedback or raise your concerns until 15:00 CET or we
>>> assume you accept it as is for submission :-)
>>> Cheers,
>>> Kai
>>> Am 07.03.2014 11:40, schrieb maurizio.lana:
>>>> Il 07/03/14 10:33, Sebastian Rahtz ha scritto:
>>>>> the state of the art for this initial registration (end of today in
>>>>> Europe)
>>>>> is as follows. comments? do remember that this isn't being evaluated - its
>>>>> purpose is simply to let the organisers assign appropriate evaluators.
>>>> got it.
>>>> kai it's up to you in a short time, am i right?
>>>> ciao
>>>> maurizio
>>>>> TITLE: Linked Open Data across the Humanities
>>>>> The mission of LODAH is to build a network of projects and researchers
>>>>> working with Linked Open Data (LOD) from across the whole field of the
>>>>> humanities who can engage with LOD-oriented research from a computer
>>>>> science perspective. The specific objectives will be encouraging and
>>>>> facilitating the interconnection and interoperability of open online
>>>>> Humanities resources, both existing and forthcoming, through LOD;
>>>>> raising awareness of new developments (both content and technology);
>>>>> and discussing, developing, and  publishing best practices. The main
>>>>> activities of LODAH will be to survey the use of ontologies adopted
>>>>> across humanities; to consider how they relate to each other; to
>>>>> identify gaps where disciplines are lacking clear exemplars and
>>>>> guidance; to build guidelines designed not only to reduce the
>>>>> fragmentation of approaches and ontologies but also to foster
>>>>> integration of methods and resources; and to find and possibly link
>>>>> other research initiatives in similar fields. This will happen by both
>>>>> testing ontologies and techniques developed for humanities data
>>>>> against the concerns of contemporary information engineering, and by
>>>>> testing the assumptions of modern data networks against the complexity
>>>>> of the humanities. This will make it easier for everyone  -  from
>>>>> citizens to SMEs - to reach and use complex historical, literary or
>>>>> philosophical data sets, and provide a marketplace for European SMEs
>>>>> to develop new tools and services. The initial LODAH membership
>>>>> includes a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, but  is also open
>>>>> to unforeseen domains and will be an environment in which young
>>>>> researchers can develop portable skills.
>>>>> KEYWORDS: Digital Humanities; Linked Open Data; Semantic Web; Cultural
>>>>> Heritage
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