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Hi folks

essential reading for all Linked Open Data fans...



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Greetings All,

 ISAW Papers 7 is available at

 http://dlib.nyu.edu/awdl/isaw/isaw-papers/7/ .

 An important note: There is an update pending. The NYU library will
get to that very shortly so please don't worry if the latest edits you
sent me aren't visible at this moment. I think I'm completely caught

 That link had started to circulate - I bear some responsibility for
that - and we've received queries as to the work's status, along with
positive responses. So let's call it "available" and tweet, cite, use,
etc. the content. That seems the LAWDI way.

 Second point: VIAF are IDs are still making their way through "the
system". I'll update as they become live.

 Many thanks to you all, and to repeat, tweeting, citing, linking from
academia.edu or similar are all highly encouraged.



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