[Lod] LoD SiG - possible topic for conversation/feedback/ideas

James Smith jgsmith at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 21:48:05 CEST 2014

I saw on twitter that you were having a SIG meeting tomorrow at DH2014. I'm
not there, but I wanted to throw a few things into the water for possible
discussion and feedback.

I've been a bit quiet since I'm no longer working at MITH -- I'm at a
private start up in the Washington, DC, area doing web development -- but
I'm still interested in LoD and DH. I'll be teaching the RDF and Linked
Open Data course again at DHSI 2015, and I'm still working on

I want to point y'all to a couple blog entries I've made concerning a
linked data-based computing platform I'm building:


I'm working through a few examples of DH-related algorithms in my spare
time, but I wondered if this list could come up with some LoD-centric
processing related to DH. I'd love to have a diverse set of good examples
as I flesh things out. Sample datasets would also be helpful!


-- Jim
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