[GeoHumanities SIG] DH2018: Call for nominations of reviewers - until October 31

Carmen Brando carmen.brando at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 15:49:58 CEST 2017

Dear GeoHumanities SIG members,

The DH2018 Program Committee is happy to let you know that we’re building
on last year’s effort to expand our pool of reviewers. This expansion is in
line with ADHO’s conference protocol [
protocol] that *new reviewers be invited to participate in the DH
conference review process*.  We believe not only that an expanded reviewer
pool will make the work of the PC easier and better (on the “many
hands make light work” principle), but also that reviewing for
the conference is one of the most important ways of engaging
our community, encouraging greater community ownership of our conference,
and enabling deeper involvement in it.

This work is very important for our SIG. We, GeoHumanists, are best
qualified to review the range of Geo-DH works submitted to the conference.

This year in particular, with the conference being hosted in Latin America,
we are keen to *recruit more reviewers in the two primary languages of the
region: Spanish and Portuguese*.  As you may know, it is the recommendation
of ADHO’s Multilingual/Multicultural Committee to accept conference
submissions in a particular language as long as there are sufficient
reviewers in that language; it is our hope that we can add Portuguese to
the DH linguistic community in this way, and that DH2018 will be remembered
as a small watershed in the promotion of multilingualism and

Candidates must meet *at least two of the following reviewer requirements*:

   - Be currently associated (or have been recently associated)
   professionally with an institutional DH program, project, or initiative
   within the last three years.
   - Hold at least a Master’s degree or equivalent in a DH-relevant
   discipline (including, but not limited to, the Humanities, Social or
   Natural Sciences, Library Science, Fine Arts, etc.)
   - Have presented at an ADHO-, CO- or SIG-organized conference,
   symposium, colloquium, or equivalent, including those organized by RedHD,
   one of DH2018’s host organizations
   - Have published a DH-specific article or essay in a scholarly journal
   or volume (either print or electronic).

The Steering Committee approved the following wording in terms of ADHO’s
ongoing efforts to support diversity and inclusion within our discipline:
“Nominations should reflect ADHO's mission and seem relevant to improve
the diversity and inclusivity of the conference in consideration of
language and gender. In putting forward a candidate, the nominator should
be cognizant of and attentive to their own organization's statement
of diversity.”

Please *ask your nominees to submit* their information and qualifications,
and to indicate their willingness to serve as reviewers, by *October 31,
2017* on this form:

*http://bit.ly/DH2018reviewer* <http://bit.ly/DH2018reviewer>

*Self-nominations are welcome*.

The PC2018 will review all the nominees’ qualifications, compile a list of
proposed reviewers, and submit it to Claire Clivaz for final review and
approval by the CCC. Approved reviewers will be contacted via ConfTool to
confirm their willingness to participate and ask them to create or update
their ConfTool user profile to include the language(s) in which they are
proficient for evaluating professional work and their areas of expertise.

Thanks for your help, and please don’t hesitate to contact the PC2018
Co-Chairs, Élika Ortega and Glen Worthey, with any questions.


Michael Page & Carmen Brando
GeoHumanities SIG conveners
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