[GeoHumanities SIG] ADHO Linked Open Data SIG Reactivation

Kathy Weimer kathy.weimer at rice.edu
Thu Nov 2 04:51:00 CET 2017

Many of us have overlapping interests with LOD.  Please see below for  
more information about the reactivated LOD SIG -

On 11/1/17, 8:34 PM, "lod-bounces at lists.digitalhumanities.org on  
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     After a hiatus of some years, the ADHO Linked Open Data Special  
Interest Group is being reactivated under the joint leadership of  
trouble makers Molly Hardy and Rob Warren.

     The original mission of the ADHO Linked Open Data (LOD) SIG was  
"to bridge between the DH community and the semantic web community of  
practice, encouraging and facilitating the interconnection and  
interoperability of open online Humanities resources, by raising  
awareness of new developments (both content and technology) and  
discussing and developing best practices".

     So far the adoption of Linked Open Data (LOD) has been modest in  
the DH community. It still shows promise as a means of publishing and  
exchanging data between projects and the creation of ontologies using  
semantic web standards as a means of communicating complex  
abstractions and negotiating areas of consensus merits further study.

     Some of the obstacles that are ongoing include poor user and  
developer-oriented tools, lack of standardization within domains of  
study, concerns over the applicability of discrete ontologies to  
complex humanities discourse and limited 'clean' data sources with  
which to begin publication.

     This list is not exhaustive and additions are welcome.

     Please join us on the LOD SIG mailing list for further  
discussions about moving things forward. Submissions can be made to  
lod at lists.digitalhumanities.organd list registration can be made at  

     Yours truly,
     Rob Warren and Molly Hardy
     Joint LODSIG Propagandists
     Lod mailing list
     Lod at lists.digitalhumanities.org

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