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Kathy Weimer khw2 at rice.edu
Thu Mar 30 01:50:48 CEST 2017

Thank you all for your input and interest in the future possibilities of 
the GeoHumanities SIG.

As Karl mentioned in his post, we are very pleased with the progress 
that the two of us have been able to foster thusfar with the 
GeoHumanities SIG.  Some background: The SIGs were created and have 
evolved with very little structure in place, and each has a somewhat 
different governance and scope.  The GeoHumanities SIG is the only one 
with a two-person co-leadership structure.  The others have steering 
committees with a handful of people.  This is a good time to consider 
evolving the GeoHumanities SIG into a steering committee or similar model.

Humphrey, we have also observed the same, as you, about the SIG's role 
with the conference (or lack of).  Your comments resonate and are a 
reason that I am currently wearing two hats, as the GeoHumanities SIG 
Co-Chair, and for the past year as the first SIG Convener Liaison to 
ADHO Steering Committee.  It is in the second role that I have brought 
to ADHO Steering the issues surrounding the yet still undefined roles 
and responsibilities of (all) SIGs and regarding ADHO's roles to support 
the SIGs.  Humphrey, your suggestion of how a SIG could (or should) 
participate in the DH conference is one that I have raised with ADHO 
Steering and the Conference Committee, in my role as SIG Convener 
Liaison.  As with most things, change occurs slowly, but this has been 
heard, and that conversation is continuing.   It is worth noting that 
last year's conference, the papers were organized in 'tracks' with one 
track designated as 'maps and mapping' which spanned much of two days of 
the conference (if I remember correctly).   However, while many 
GeoHumanities members served as reviewers (and thank you all, that is 
very important work!) the SIGs were not involved in the paper/panel 
selection, nor scheduling of sessions.

As each of you GeoHumanities members have additional requests for 
conference related infrastructure (such as what Humphrey mentioned an 
assigned slot in the conference program), I am very eager to hear 
additional ideas, or examples from other disciplines, and will fold them 
into future conversations with ADHO regarding SIGs broadly.

Lastly, there are numerous ideas for what projects the GeoHumanities SIG 
may undertake in the future, and these do are completely independent of 
the conference structure and do not require conference attendance!  Last 
year's survey pointed to interests in Peer Review, creating an Experts 
list, Syllabi and curriculum materials, and others.  Please give these 
some thought and jump in!

Humphrey, Benjamin, Carmen and Michael, thank you for your comments and 
we look forward to more conversations with you all, and everyone who is 
similarly interested in moving the GeoHumanities SIG forward!


Katherine Hart Weimer
Head, Kelley Center for
   Government Information, Data and Geospatial Services
Rice University
Fondren Library - MS 225
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892

On 3/28/2017 10:06 AM, humphrey wrote:
> Speaking as a member of the advisory committee, I don’t think it has a role — as far as I know (!), it has never met, either face to face at a DH meeting or online.
> Before we decide what is an appropriate management structure, we need to decide what is being managed, and part of the problem is that the ADHO does not seem to have a clear model of what its Special Interest Groups are for.
> If the purpose of the SIGs is to ensure that their field is covered by appropriate activities at each annual conference, the experience of the Social Science History Association is relevant. They have a set of thematic “Networks”, including “Historical Geography and GIS”; each annual conference includes a slot for "Network Meetings", which are open to anyone at the conference** and are primarily about brain-storming ideas for sessions for the next meeting; they also appoint “Network Chairs” (usually two co-chairs), who are responsible for trying to pull the programme together, mainly by finding and supporting organisers for the individual sessions; they also maintain an e-mail list of network members. NB the SSHA is organised around its Networks, so all sessions have to be sponsored by at least one network, and the overall program committee consists of all the network chairs (I write as an ex-co-chair).
> That works well, but of course the purpose is quite limited.
> Humphrey
> **But there are only ever two slots for these meetings, so at most you can be active in two networks
>> On 28 Mar 2017, at 15:34, Benjamin Vis <B.N.Vis at kent.ac.uk> wrote:
>> Dear Karl and Kathy,
>> My two cents, with compliments and appreciation for all the work so far. GeoHumanities is a wide field. On that basis I think a Steering Group might be preferable to a Chair/Co-Chair set-up. It would also enable the possibility of different pieces or themes of future work being headed by an individual in the Steering Group, thereby giving everyone a work remit and dividing the load. You then may no longer need the Advisory Committee (what is their role currently?).
>> Happy to discuss further,
>> Benjamin
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>>    1. Re: A note from your GeoHumanities SIG Co-chairs (Carmen Brando)
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>> Dear all,
>> Thank you Karl and Kathy, once again, for the help in setting up the APlace4Places workshop last year in Krakow. A forthcoming special issue on semantic historical gazeteers and related NLP applications will be published this summer. We are grateful for the contributions we received and for the SIG support through Kathy.
>> I agree with Patricia to the idea of a rotating steering committee. Such group may start to envisage the developpement of some of the suggestions made by the SIG community in response to the survey. I would be glad to help and to be involved in the SIG activities.
>> Unfortunately, I will not be able to join you this time in Montreal.
>> Enjoy the meeting!
>> Best wishes,
>> Carmen Brando
>> On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 11:49 PM, Karl Grossner <karl.geog at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Dear GeoHumanists,
>>> It's coming up on four years since we co-founded the GeoHumanities SIG
>>> of ADHO in 2013. In that time, the SIG has begun fostering community
>>> amongst those digital humanists whose research is geographically
>>> focused or inflected. Our efforts to that end have included: convening
>>> workshops and hosting dinners at DH conferences, launching a web site
>>> and coordinating associated initiatives (GIS project list, GeoDiRT),
>>> publicizing community-related events and projects with our Twitter
>>> account
>>> (@GeoHum_SIG) and email list, and advocating for an enhanced role for
>>> SIGs in ADHO and in DH conference programs (in 2016 Kathy took on the
>>> newly developed role, SIG Convener?s liaison to ADHO Executive Committee).
>>> Although we can count several successes, there remains significant
>>> untapped potential for the GeoHumanities SIG. We have no governing
>>> bylaws, but now seems a good time to rotate some new members into
>>> leadership roles, and possibly to make some significant changes to leadership organization.
>>> After this year's DH conference in Montreal, Karl will step away from
>>> his co-chair role. Kathy will continue participating in some capacity
>>> into the next year to transition new leadership.
>>> We would like to begin a discussion amongst all our members (several
>>> hundred list subscribers and Twitter followers) about what happens
>>> next. A first question might be whether members want to continue with
>>> a co-chair leadership structure or possibly extend it to a steering
>>> committee?  Is there a need for an Advisory Committee, or could that
>>> be disbanded? As part of the transitions, we should consider working
>>> up some long term goals  We received lots of great suggestions in
>>> response to the survey we conducted in 2016, Is there a way forward on
>>> some of the initiatives that were most strongly supported (http://geohumanities.org/survey-results)?
>>> At the Montreal meeting we will organize our usual SIG dinner, and
>>> we'd also like to arrange a meeting of the minds about the group's organization.
>>> Let's arrive in Montreal with some discussion under our belt via this
>>> email list (a good way to provide input whether attending DH2017 or
>>> not). Please help us get the ball rolling by responding to this message!
>>> best regards,
>>> Kathy Hart Weimer
>>> Karl Grossner
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