[GeoHumanities SIG] Programming Historian looking for tutorials on geographic data, etc.

Kathy Weimer khw2 at rice.edu
Mon Jan 23 16:42:49 CET 2017

The Programming Historian is looking for someone to write up a lesson on 
spatial clustering of geographic data, or other topics -

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         Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2017 14:37:13 +0000
         From: Adam Crymble <adam.crymble at gmail.com>
         Subject: CFP: Programming Historian - Digital Analyses

Dear Fellow Humanists,

*The Programming Historian* (programminghistorian.org) is seeking authors
to contribute tutorials about digital analyses that can be the basis of
publishable humanities research. While many of the skills taught in the
Programming Historian's current suite of 57 peer reviewed tutorials focus
on data gathering, cleaning, and presenting, we believe there is scope to
grow further into algorithms, analyses, and approaches that can form the
basis of clear answers to humanities questions.

To get the ball rolling, we have suggested 5 lessons that we would like to

1) What can you conclude from topic models?
2) How do you conduct a stylometric analys (well)?
3) How do you conduct spatial clustering of geographic data?
4) When do you know when your network analysis is meaningful?
5) TF-IDF to Historical Research

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we are happy to hear from any
prospective authors. Full details of our Call for Proposals can be found on
the project blog: http://programminghistorian.org/posts/call-to-action

Please share this notice with any colleagues or students you think may be
interested. Collaborative writing is positively encouraged where it suits

I'm happy to answer any questions, and we hope to hear from you.


Adam Crymble
Editor, Programming Historian (programminghistorian.org)
Lecturer, Digital History
University of Hertfordshire
adam.crymble at gmail.com

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