[GeoHumanities SIG] 11th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval GIR'17 in cooperation with ACM SIGSPATIAL.

Olga Chesnokova olga.chesnokova at geo.uzh.ch
Wed Aug 30 14:53:41 CEST 2017

11th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval GIR'17 in cooperation

30th November to 1st December 2017, Heidelberg, Germany.

Second Call for Papers

This is the second call for papers for the 11th Workshop on Geographic
Information Retrieval (GIR'17), to be held over the two days of 30th
November and 1st December 2017. The workshop continues the successful
series of workshops held in cooperation with ACM SIGSPATIAL and
previously with SIGIR and CIKM conferences.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together members of the vibrant
and growing community of researchers and practitioners working in the
field of geographic information retrieval to discuss current research
activity and potential future research directions.

The subject and format of the workshop

There is a vast quantity of information in text documents and other
media that is referenced to geographic space. The discipline of
Geographical Information Retrieval (GIR) is concerned with developing
methods to gain access to this geographical information, with a
particular focus on the content of web documents and social media.
Because much of the information is in the form of unstructured or
semi-structured text, there is a challenge to develop methods that can
automatically recognise and interpret the geographical terminology and
spatial or spatio-temporal concepts that people use when recording and
querying the information. GIR falls at the intersection of Information
Retrieval (IR) and Geographical Information Science (GIScience)
resulting in research and systems development that benefit from the
fusion of text-based methods for information extraction, natural
language processing, indexing and search with GIS methods for spatial
data management, analysis and visualization.

The workshop invites contributions on the following topics, and other
research related to GIR:

*  Detection, disambiguation and geocoding of geographical references in

*  User needs for geographic search;

*  Classification of web documents and of social media with regard to
their geographic foci;

*  Interpretation of spatial natural language in documents and queries;

*  Extraction of geographically-specific facts and events from text
documents and social media;

*  Spatial and spatio-temporal indexing of documents and other media

*  Modelling, construction and integration of ontologies, gazetteers and
geographic thesauri;

*  Reasoning with geo-spatial facts for purposes of information retrieval;

*  Geographical query interfaces for search on the web;

*  Geographic question / answering systems;

*  Geographic search engine architectures;

*  Relevance ranking of geographical information;

*  Evaluation methods for geographic search.

We invite both long papers (10 pages) and short papers (2 pages). Long
papers are expected to report on relatively mature research results,
while short papers may cover more speculative or early stage research
that will stimulate discussion at the workshop.

All submissions will be reviewed by three members of the programme
committee and we plan to publish accepted papers in the ACM Digital Library.

Please note that we welcome contributions both from academic researchers
and from practitioners working in industry and in public agencies
engaged in GIR-related activities.

The workshop programme will ensure opportunity for discussion of the
presented papers and of the broader agenda for research in GIR.

Submission procedure
You should prepare your paper in accordance with the ACM camera-ready
instructions (http://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template)
using the sigconf template and submit it using the EasyChair system

The deadline for submission is 18th September 2017.

Decisions on acceptance will be announced by 3rd October 2017.
Camera ready versions of accepted papers to be submitted by 17th October

At least one author of accepted papers will be required to register for
the workshop before the paper is published, and to present the paper at
the workshop.

Further details of the workshop can be found at


Please forward this message to anyone you think may have an interest in
the workshop.

With best wishes,

Ross Purves (ross.purves at geo.uzh.ch) and Chris Jones
(c.b.jones at cs.cf.ac.uk) Co-chairs

Michael Gertz (gertz at informatik.uni-heidelberg.de) and Andreas Spitz
(spitz at informatik.uni-heidelberg.de) Local Organizers

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