[GeoHumanities SIG] Requirement of DH Experts for Seminar

Valiur Rahaman vali.vns at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 06:52:59 CET 2016

    Hello Friends

    Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Manipal University
    (INDIA) conducted School Colloquium on Digital Humanities in Indian
    Education. The speakers were Dr Valiur Rahaman and Dr Sumit Srivastava.
    Sudha Rai and Dr Manju Singh had chaired the sessions respectively.

    The colloquium demonstrated different opinions of professors of various
    specialization about the courses would be offered to undergraduates and
    their career outputs. Professor Ravi Chaturvedi conveyed presidential
    address and curiously declared for an upcoming International Conference
    Why Digital Humanities in India?.

    I am informing to the members of this forum that the would be conference
    will take initiatives to develop Asian Society for DH. What this
    needs is DH experts of different fields. I request to receive the
    recommendations/nominations of such experts by the members.

    Dr Valiur Rahaman
    Associate Professor
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