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Dear Karl,

I think it is a very good proposal and I would be happy to take part.

Thank you for bringing it up!


15. juli 2016 kl. 07:20 skrev Karl Grossner <karlg at stanford.edu>:

> Hello Geohumanists,
> Yesterday in an open discussion duting a “Maps and Space” session at DH2016 in Kraków, the topic turned to ‘mapping without GIS’ and geohumanities scholarly products without maps at all. I made reference to the large and ongoing project “Geographies of the Holocaust” - several examples of output from that project can be seen here:
> https://www.ushmm.org/learn/mapping-initiatives/geographies-of-the-holocaust
> The experimental work I wanted to point out particularly, by Anne Kelly Knowles and her student, Levi Westerveld, has not been published to my knowledge. They shared this at a half-day workshop I convened last year at Stanford, "Geospatial narrative: Perspectives from the humanities, cartography and geographic information science.”
> A short write-up of that event, with links to material presented, is here: https://digitalhumanities.stanford.edu/cidr-hosts-osullivan-geography-lecture-and-geospatial-narratives-workshop
> I would like very much to stage a panel or workshop on geospatial narrative in the humanities at next year’s DH conference, what do you all think?
> Karl
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