[GeoHumanities SIG] Five New GeoHumanities SIG Working Groups

Kathy Weimer khw2 at rice.edu
Mon Aug 15 23:55:18 CEST 2016

Many of you responded a few months ago to our member survey or during 
the DH conference with interest in contributing to the SIG. We have 
taken the five survey categories and created a set of forums to 
facilitate Working Groups http://geohumanities.org/forum. Please take a 
few minutes to read each forum description, and join in.  The working 
groups are on:

  * Peer Review
  * Syllabi and Tutorials
  * Experts List
  * GeoHumanities Projects List
  * GeoDiRT

You may find a re-read of the survey results useful as background, in 
particular, the many insightful comments: 

Thank you again for your contributions to these special topics of 
interest.  Your ideas and involvement are welcome.  If you would like to 
suggest additional forums, be in touch -

Katherine Hart Weimer
Head, Kelley Center for
   Government Information, Data and Geospatial Services
Rice University
Fondren Library - MS 225
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892

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