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D. J. Wrisley dwrisley at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 21:23:53 CEST 2015

Dear Members of the GeoHumanities SIG,

Hope that your summers were productive and relaxing.

As you may remember, there was a pre-conference workshop at DH2015 in
Sydney, co-organized by myself and the co-chairs of the GeoHumanities SIG,
Kathy Weimer and Karl Grossner.  The subject of the workshop
was "Exploring Peer Review in the Humanities."  We built upon existing DH
Commons review <http://dhcommons.org/journal/review-guidelines> and
submission <http://dhcommons.org/journal/submission-guidelines> guidelines,
adding a "geo-twist" to them by discussing some of the specificities of
GeoHumanities work.

Kathy and I also presented a poster
<https://twitter.com/kathy_weimer/status/616155308205871104> on the
subject, specifically designed for community feedback, and we got a lot!
Thanks to those of you who gave your feedback.

We are opening up the project to larger community consultation.  In the
spirit of the original poster, we have created a CommentPress
<http://geohum.djwrisley.com/> and you are invited to drop by, check it out
and add your comments.  Comments from the workshop and the poster session
have been added already.  The closing date for this consultation will be
Oct 31.  All those commenting will be acknowledged when we write up our

David Wrisley
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