[GeoHumanities SIG] Voting for DH Awards - through Feb. 28

Kathy Weimer kathy.weimer at rice.edu
Wed Feb 18 20:07:44 CET 2015


The voting for DH Awards has begun and continues through February 28.


An impressive number include mapping, spatial or placial information.

Congratulations to all nominated!

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Versions of this announcement in

are availablefrom the website.

Digital Humanities Awards are a set of entirely open annual

awards run as a DH awareness raising activity. The awards are

nominated and voted for entirely by the public. These awards are

intended to help put interesting DH resources in the spotlight

and engage DH users (and general public) in the work of the

community. Although the working language of DH Awards is English,

nominations may be for any resource in any language. Awards are

not specific to geography, language, conference, organization or

field of humanities. There is no financial prize associated with

these community awards. There were many nominations and the

international nominations committee

(http://dhawards.org/dhawards2014/committee/) reviewed each

nomination. We're sorry if your nomination was not included, or

changed category, all decisions are final once voting opens.

Please seehttp://dhawards.org/dhawards2014/faqs2014/for this and

other frequently asked questions.

Anyone is allowed to vote, yes anyone, but please only vote once.

Please cast vote by looking at the nominations and following the

link to voting format http://dhawards.org/dhawards2014/voting/before 
midnight (GMT)

on *28 February 2015*when voting will be closed.


Kathy Weimer

Co-Chair, GeoHumanities SIG

Katherine H. Weimer
Head, Kelley Center for
   Government Information, Data and Geospatial Services
Rice University
Fondren Library - MS 225
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892

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