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Kathy Weimer k-weimer at library.tamu.edu
Fri May 23 13:39:03 CEST 2014

Hello GeoHumanities SIG members!

Summer is almost here, and that means DH2014 is not far away.  We are all looking forward to our first meeting in Lausanne.   If you have not seen it, the announcement went up on the conference web site earlier this week:  http://dh2014.org/affiliated-events/geohumanities-sig-meeting/  Hope you all can attend, but in case not, note that we will be posting presenters’ abstracts and/or position papers as well as minutes of SIG business discussions.  More information on that is forthcoming.

One goal of the SIG is to foster communication among members.  To that end, we encourage you to submit a blog posting on the SIG web site.  Share your projects, your ideas, concerns or any subject related to the general topic of GeoHumanities.  Conversations starters and opinion pieces are welcome.  Just let us know your wish to contribute and we’ll enable your account.

Also to foster communication, we have created a simple spreadsheet which can serve many purposes.  First, we ask for some information about you, so can serve as a directory of members, and experts list.  This will help us know about the distribution of our members around the world, each other's projects and areas of expertise.  We also ask for your suggestions of the future of the SIG.  What would you like to see the SIG engage in? These ideas will be included in the SIG meeting.  Last, the final two columns on the directory refer to attendance at the DH conference and SIG meeting.  Please fill out this so that we will know who we will meet and how many of you to expect in Lausanne!
The spreadsheet is very quick and easy to edit.  We encourage you to submit your information.  No login is required.  See here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ACWfPRoNjRw3x64ov-wTiAR7WqNfxTIYgWCj7WLmka8/edit?usp=sharing

Best regards,

GeoHumanities SIG Co-Chairs,
Kathy and Karl

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