[GeoHumanities SIG] GeoHumanities SIG meeting at DH conference

Kathy Weimer k-weimer at library.tamu.edu
Thu Mar 27 14:57:09 CET 2014

Dear GeoHumanities SIG members,

Your co-chairs are happy to announce that our SIG will be allotted space to meet on July 8th at the Digital Humanities conference in Lausanne.   We will have the entire day at our disposal which allows time for both project presentations and discussion of SIG organizational and business matters.

A major unifying theme of the SIG, and one emphasized in our founding document, is the topic of digital gazetteers - including historical and modern, and related temporal aspects.  The greater portion of the SIG meeting day can be devoted to gazetteers and projects addressing their development, as several folks have indicated interest in presenting.  Further details are forthcoming.

For the business portion of the meeting, we will discuss the early stages of the GeoDiRT model, which is aligned with and supports the Dariah/DiRT Bamboo project (noted on our web page).  Other business agenda items relate to ADHO and SIG communications and organizational structure.

Your co-chairs would also like to hear from you, whether attending DH or not, about potential future SIG initiatives, business and agenda items and/or other ideas for SIG engagement.  You can post suggestions to this list or email the co-chairs directly.

Best regards from your co-chairs,

    Kathy Weimer, k-weimer [at] library [dot] tamu [dot] edu

    Karl Grossner, karlg [at] Stanford [dot] edu
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