[GeoHumanities SIG] seeking DiRT editors for geospatial tools

Kathy Weimer k-weimer at library.tamu.edu
Tue Jul 29 00:00:30 CEST 2014

The DiRT directory (dirtdirectory.org), a longstanding, well-regarded source of information about tools available to support scholarship in the humanities, is partnering with the ADHO GeoHumanities SIG to augment and enrich the information about geospatial tools available in DiRT.

The GeoHumanities SIG and DiRT are seeking individuals to serve as GeoHumanities Editors for DiRT. GeoHumanities Editors will be expected to:

- Add, edit, and review new listings for geospatial tools;

- Periodically review existing geospatial tool listings, and update them as needed;

- Contribute to discussions about how DiRT and the GeoHumanities SIG can work together to improve access to information about geospatial tools for research and teaching.

GeoHumanities Editors will initially be involved in a 6-month “sprint” (through January 2015) to ensure that all widely used and important geospatial tools are represented in DiRT. After the sprint, participants may optionally continue in the role of GeoHumanities Editor by periodically updating tools in DiRT, writing tool reviews, and/or writing up “recipes” / workflows for how to use multiple tools together.  In future stages, the GeoHumanities SIG will encourage Editor and SIG member involvement to provide supplementary tool information, such as tutorials, descriptions and reviews of projects using a particular tool, etc., all of which will be linked between the GeoHumanities SIG site and DiRT.

If you are interested in being a GeoHumanities Editor for DiRT, please contact GeoHumanities Managing Editor Kathy Weimer at k-weimer at library.tamu.edu<mailto:k-weimer at library.tamu.edu>.

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