[GeoHumanities SIG] voting for DH Awards 2013

Kathy Weimer k-weimer at library.tamu.edu
Thu Feb 6 00:40:16 CET 2014

Posted previously on the Humanist list - apologies for duplication -

This is a reminder that the voting continues for another week.  There is a
wide and interesting variety of projects and writings represented.  Many
have a mapping or geographic aspect.

Happy voting! 

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>        Subject: DH Awards 2013: Voting Open!
>It is my pleasure to announce that the DH Awards 2013 is open for
>Digital Humanities Awards are a set of entirely open annual
>awards given in recognition of talent and expertise in the
>digital humanities community and are nominated and voted for
>entirely by the public. These awards are intended to help put
>interesting DH resources in the spotlight and engage DH users
>(and general public) in the work of the community. Awards are not
>specific to geography, language, conference, organization or
>field of humanities that they benefit. There is no financial
>prize associated with these community awards. There were many
>nominations and the international nominations committee
>(http://dhawards.org/dhawards2013/committee/) reviewed each
>nomination. We're sorry if your nomination was not included, all
>decisions are final once voting opens. Please see
>http://dhawards.org/dhawards2013/faqs2013/ for this and other
>frequently asked questions.
>Anyone is allowed to vote, yes anyone, but please only vote once.
>Please cast vote by looking at the nominations and following the
>link to voting form at http://dhawards.org/dhawards2013/voting/
>before midnight (GMT) on Friday 14 February 2013 when voting will
>be closed.
>Good luck!
>james at dhawards.org
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