[GeoHumanities SIG] Announcing the GeoHumanities SIG of ADHO

Karl Grossner karlg at stanford.edu
Mon Sep 9 17:58:52 CEST 2013

Greetings, GeoHumanists! 

As the GeoHumanities SIG of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) gets under way, we want to let you know what activities we have in mind so far, to solicit your thoughts and suggestions, and to ask you to encourage people in your circles to join. The interests of this group are inclusive of spatial, spatial-temporal and ‘placial’ perspectives on humanities scholarship—hence the choice of “geo” as a prefix. 

The very first actions we have taken were to create this list, a preliminary web page ( http://geohumanities.org ), and a Twitter account (@GeoHum_SIG). Many of our next steps will involve building out a web site with functionality that meets the needs and wishes of the group’s members. 

The stated goals of the SIG, as expressed in our proposal to ADHO, are: 

“… to create a venue for pooling knowledge and best practices for relevant existing digital tools and methods, to foster the collaborative development of shared resources and new tools and extensions to geospatial software, and to keep humanist scholars at large informed about the possibilities and inherent pitfalls in their use.” 

That statement, and the contents of the proposal itself are just a starting point. Ultimately, what this group is and does is up to its members! So please weigh in--on this mailing list, on Twitter, or if you prefer, directly to the co-chairs and steering committee (contact details are on the group’s web site ). 


Kathy Weimer (Texas A & M University) and Karl Grossner (Stanford University) 

Steering Committee 

Elton Barker (Open University, UK), Merrick Lex Berman (Harvard University), Sarah Luria (College of the Holy Cross), Worthy Martin (University of Virginia) 
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