[GeoHumanities SIG] linked data

Kathy Weimer k-weimer at library.tamu.edu
Tue Oct 1 19:27:14 CEST 2013


You web page does apply, thanks for sharing. There is a real need as
discussed on your project, for scanned maps and their spatio-temporal
descriptions to interact with gazetteers, etc, in order to build new
services and new queries.

There is a lot to think about - and now with the SIG we have a great venue
for collaborations, thanks.


On 10/1/13 12:01 PM, "Carsten Kessler" <carsten.kessler at hunter.cuny.edu>

>The work that's being done in the Linked Data for eScience Services
>project (LIFE) at University of Münster in Germany might be of
>interest for this discussion: http://lodum.de/life/
>My former colleagues over there are developing solutions to help the
>library create spatial annotations during the scanning process of the
>map collection. I know that this is a bit different from the problem
>you are looking at, Kathy, but one of the things they try to do is
>reason about map contents using ontologies.
>- Carsten

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