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Thanks John,

This helps with the tech side of things, but doesn't yet address the underlying issue.  We need to look at a Big Data project here!


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There is a crosswalk from Alexandria Dig Lib from MARC to FGDC which might help with the task http://www.alexandria.ucsb.edu/public-documents/metadata/marc2fgdc.html.  But of course, MARC records are notoriously lackadaisical when it comes to geography elements.

John H Clark
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I am wondering if any of you GeoHumanists are familiar with research projects looking at the concept of place representation in the traditional library catalog.  In my opinion, library catalogs have never done a good job with representing place-based subject information.  The fields and headings are either too specific or too general and do not provide insight into geographic contexts (adjacency, proximity, containment, etc.).
Various data in the subject headings and coded fields could be harvested and result in a map-based search engine which would likely yield more interesting results that the typical subject or keyword search.  If you know of prior work looking at harvesting and visualizing placial data from catalog records, I would like to know.  Ideas?  Suggestions?
Kathy Weimer

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