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This came through the Humanist list and may be of interest.

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>        Subject: Job Posting: GIS Web Developer
>Web-Developer for GIS on the Fagel Project,
>Trinity College Dublin
>Fagel Map Project
>The Fagel archive contains one of the finest pre-1800 cartographic
>collections anywhere in the world, unsurpassed in terms of quality and
>standard of preservation. The Fagel material is practically unknown
>outside of Trinity College Dublin yet it includes the finest surviving
>examples of seventeenth and eighteenth century Dutch, French and German
>cartography, as well as complete sets of coloured town plans for every
>major settlement in the €˜known™ world, hundreds of contemporary battle
>plans and the first detailed maps of many countries as and when they
>were first surveyed. Building on the success of Trinity College™s Down
>Survey of Ireland map project (http://downsurvey.tcd.ie), the Fagel
>collection is to be made available to the public for the first time.
>The Fagel project (2014-15) will create an open access web portal which
>includes digital images of the entire Fagel cartographic collection.
>This project, in direct collaboration with Google, will allow access to
>images through both a Google Maps interface, whereby the user can point
>to a place on a modern globe, select a date and the appropriate map(s)
>will appear, or through traditional keyword and faceted search. Image
>characteristics will include location, date, cartographer, place of
>publication, as well as various themes. Themed search will enable the
>user to browse maps by type; for example, charts, military plans or
>colonial maps. The Fagel portal will be the largest single source of
>pre-1800 cartography anywhere in the world.
>Job Description: Web-Developer for GIS on the Fagel Project, TCD
>Contract: Full time, fixed term --€“ 12-month post (approx. April
>2014-April 2015)
>Salary: 37,750-‚40,003 euro per annum
>Job Specification:
>1.	Geo-Referencing of Image Data
>2.	Encoding of Geographic Data
>3.	Database Development
>4.	Web Front-End Development
>5.	Identify research projects related to the Fagel Collection
>Desirable Skills and Experience:
>1.	Google Maps / ARCGIS
>2.	PHP
>3.	Javascript - JQuery
>5.	XML
>6.	MySQL
>7.	Strong initiative in developing research projects
>8.	Ability to work independently and as part of a multi-disciplinary team
>9.	Experience of the following would be an advantage (but is not a
>necessity): MARC-XML; Leaflet JS; 3D Terrain Modelling.
>Candidates should submit a cover letter (600-1000 words) expressing your
>suitability for the position together with a full curriculum vitae to
>include the names and contact details of 3 referees (email addresses if
>possible) to Séamus Lawless - Seamus.Lawless at scss.tcd.ie with the
>subject heading "Fagel Web-Developer for GIS".
>Dr. Alexander O'Connor
>Research Fellow
>Knowledge & Data Engineering Group
>School of Computer Science &  Statistics
>Trinity College, Dublin
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