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On 2013-05-30 12:56 PM, "Julia Flanders" <julia_flanders at brown.edu> wrote:

>Please note the slightly extended deadline!
>Taking TEI Further: Teaching with TEI
>Brown University, August 21-23, 2013
>Application deadline: June 5, 2013
>**Travel funding is available of up to $500 per participant, up to $1000
>for graduate student participants.**
>As digital humanities increasingly gains profile in traditional
>humanities departments, teaching (with) text encoding is becoming of
>greater interest in graduate and even undergraduate teaching. For faculty
>with TEI projects of their own, or with a strong research interest in the
>TEI, the challenge is to design a digital humanities syllabus that is
>rigorously and usefully digital, and yet still focused on humanities
>content. To what extent can text encoding be a useful pedagogical
>instrument, and what kinds of concepts does it help to teach? What kinds
>of practical infrastructure and prior preparation are needed to support a
>course of this type? What broader critical ideas in digital humanities
>and in traditional humanities domains would form a strong context? How
>can we effectively assess student work of this kind? In this seminar,
>participants will each work on a course of their own, with opportunities
>for the group to workshop each syllabus and discuss the course narrative
>  and design.
>These seminars are part of a series funded by the NEH and conducted by
>the Brown University Women Writers Project. They are aimed at people who
>are already involved in a text encoding project or are in the process of
>planning one, and are intended to provide a more in-depth look at
>specific challenges in using TEI data effectively. Each event will
>include a mix of presentations, discussion, case studies using
>participants' projects, hands-on practice, and individual consultation.
>The seminars will be strongly project-based: participants will present
>their projects to the group, discuss specific challenges and solutions,
>develop encoding specifications and documentation, and create sample
>materials (such as syllabi, docmentation, etc., as appropriate to the
>event). We encourage project teams and collaborative groups to apply,
>although individuals are also welcome. A basic knowledge of the TEI
>Guidelines and some prior experience with text encoding will be assumed.
>To apply, please visit
>Best wishes, Julia
>Julia Flanders
>Director, Women Writers Project
>Brown University
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