[Dhcenterstartup] Why a DH Center?

Gurpreet Singh gursainipreet at gmail.com
Tue May 7 07:11:56 CEST 2013

Dear all

I would say that having a center is a better means to connect with others
interested and bring together the people who may otherwise be working on DH
related projects but don't actually know that they are and there are other
who are working on similar topics.
More over center sort of provide a central contact position through which
collaborative efforts can be pushed forward.
As the old saying goes UNITY IS STRENGTH, and centers provide that unity by
bringing the researcher committed to DH.

G. Singh

On 3 May 2013 22:51, Lynne Siemens <siemensl at uvic.ca> wrote:

>   Hi all, interesting tweet today suggesting that DH might becoming too
> center-centric and potentially overlooking the work done by individual
> scholars operating outside a center.
>  This got me thinking about the reasons why a center might be productive
> and add to the work that individual scholars might already be doing at an
> institution.
>  So for you folks, why are you and your institutions thinking about a
> center?  What are the perceived benefits of bringing people together in
> this way?
>  Any thoughts?
>  Lynne
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