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Lynne Siemens siemensl at uvic.ca
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Hi Gurpreet, great question.

As a starting point, you will want to look at some of the resources that we will be putting up within the Centernet page.  (Stay tuned for the announcement of what the page is public.  Coming very soon).

In the meantime, you might look at some of the DH Center proposals that can be found on line:

  *   IDHMC: the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture, Texas A&M, http://idhmc.tamu.edu/commentpress/dh-whitepaper/
  *   Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, http://cdrh.unl.edu/articles/creatingcdrh.php
  *    Task Force on Digital Directions in the humanities, The University of Kansas, <http://kuscholarworks.ku.edu/dspace/bitstream/1808/10340/1/DigitalHumanitiesReport3-2-10.pdf> http://kuscholarworks.ku.edu/dspace/bitstream/1808/10340/1/DigitalHumanitiesReport3-2-10.pdf

You might also look to a presentation from the University of Southern California on preparing a large interdisciplinary center at  https://research.usc.edu/files/2011/05/rwh_center_proposals.ppt.

Finally, recently, the Humanist list serve also had several postings about starting a DH center.  You can find them at

  *    http://lists.digitalhumanities.org/pipermail/humanist/2013-February/010636.html
  *    http://lists.digitalhumanities.org/pipermail/humanist/2013-February/010640.html
  *    http://lists.digitalhumanities.org/pipermail/humanist/2013-February/010644.html
  *    http://lists.digitalhumanities.org/pipermail/humanist/2013-February/010648.html

You will find that all these have several things in common.  They begin to outline the purpose of a center, how it ties into activities already going on at the institution, initial resources for planning, who will be involved from around campus and potentially beyond, etc.

Anyone else know of any models to consider?

Hope this helps.



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Dear All

As I am in process of formally applying to my university for permission and support to set up DH center at my university. Any suggestions as to what should be included in the application and what are the things that I should totally refrain from putting in this application.

Main question that will be and is being asked time and again to me are the requirements to set up DH institute. I think there are no special requirements apart from webs pace (to disseminate the information related to DH activities) and physical space (to conduct the day to day business and act as point of interaction to develop ideas and work). Rest of the requirements will depend on the type of project that we may start after the set-up.

I would very eagerly waiting for any and every suggestions.

G. Singh

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